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Foozle: n. The act of bungling, especially a poor stroke in golf.

6 Game Coins, (2 Positive, 4 Negative)
Carrying Pouch

Start by setting the compensation value for the coins with your partners before the start of play. As each positive or negative shot occurs, that player receives the appropriate coin. (i.e. Land in the sand, receive the Hazard coin). At anytime thereafter, should the act be repeated by another player, that coin is "passed on" with the appropriate flair. At the end of the round or turn, the players holding the negative coins compensate the other players. And the players holding the positive coins receive compensation from the other players.

"Don't be a Foozle, Pass It On"

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Foozle Golf is the ideal Golf game. Foozle Golf is a coin golf game that adds another level of competition to every hole. Depending on shot or play of hole determines which coin you receive and at the end you tally up the coins for winners.

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